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25 Apr

How To Set Boundaries At Work

201303-omag-beck-work-balance-600x411We spend around 11 years of our life working, considered we work 40 hours per week from the age of 18-65. Either we love our job or make a lot of effort to ensure our golden retirement or both, it is necessary to retain work-life balance. If we don’t set boundaries at work it might result in stress, burnout and anxiety, which decreases your overall productivity. Keep on reading to find out how to identify and set boundaries at work to avoid burnout.

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07 Apr

5 Mistakes To Avoid At Your Job Interview

job-interviewWhen you’re at a job interview, everything you do, wear, or say is examined carefully by your potential employer. In fact, according to a study released by Careerbuilder, most of the employers make up their mind on whether they think you would be appropriate for the job during the first 5 minutes of your interview. Indeed, there are a lot of details which can decrease your chances of getting hired. Here are 5 things you should by all means avoid doing at your next job interview.

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17 Mar

How To Make Your Dream Job A Reality

How to make your dream job a realityWhether you are looking for a job, or simply unhappy at work, you might have already thought about “What if I could have my dream job..”

Maybe you have an idea what it is, but you have no clue how to make it happen in reality. Or you feel that you are not quite sure what kind of job makes you happy, but you have a set of good skills that can lead you to your dream job. Here is a little guidance on how to find the perfect job for you.

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11 Mar

How to Take Advantage of Social Media When Job Hunting?

Social media

Today, Social Media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or even Facebook have become great tools to show and develop your skills, build relationships with professionals and look for a job. While LinkedIn is the most preferred platform to use when looking for a job, Facebook and Twitter can also offer great opportunities to get noticed or stay in touch with potential recruiters. However, when using Social Media for job hunting, you should have a strategy in place.
Here are 5 of the most important tips you need to know about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when using the platforms for professional networking.

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06 Feb

Why should anyone write my CV? Scenes behind CVProfs

Success starts from a great resumeThe answer is – they shouldn’t.
You should write your CV, but what if you don’t know how to stand out among other resumes or writing is just not your thing? Then cover letter and LinkedIn profile. What else.. right?!

Here’s a story, how the idea of CVProfs was born, why we are here and when you should turn to us and more specifically why you should ask help from anyone..
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